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Daiwa CATALINA 6500-H 2016 - High Gear Model


Daiwa CATALINA 6500-H 2016

For BIg game, Bluefin Tuna!!

2016.04 DEBUT

Best Price US$680.00





Although it is difficult to say bluefin tuna game even multiply "obtained from over" and challenge the best thing. In a long fight with not a few cases, barely large also be due to exhaustion of the angler, done pumping. 5.7 gear ratio for the best balance without sacrificing the "applying", close to the reality of the dream is over 100kg (131cm).

The drag of the configuration as well as the size of the large washer ten SALTIGA "UTD dedicated ultra-high endurance large size (Ultimate Tournament drag)." Etc. for biting the drag is less likely to occur even in the very long fight, is it possible that anglers continue to put pressure on the opponent with confidence. In the fight with the monster is no telling when it would end, the benefits due to mental performance is unlikely to decrease in drag is immeasurable.

ITEM SPECIFICATION for Daiwa Catalina 6500-H

Gear Ratio 5.7
MAX Drag 30.0kg
Weight 815g
Line Capacity PE#5/500m PE#6/400m PE#8/300m
Line Retrieve Per Crank 
(cm/one crank)
Number of bearings
(*S A-RB/roller)

Daiwa CATALINA 6500-H 2016

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