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High-performance machine boasts durability and operability

MAG SEALED & BAG SEALED BALL BEARING, ZAION AIR ROTOR, UTD and Big diamater Hyper Digit-Gear is a Daiwa's latest technology. It is an offshore model and is very close to the “SALTIGA” which is Daiwa’s flagship model with its high performance and functions.

Line up for Daiwa Catalina

Daiwa CATALINA Technologies



"MAGSEALED”, its structure which is made originally by Daiwa aims to stop the intrusion of the sea water by making the walls of the liquid with a magnetic gap between the rotor and the body. And "MAGSEALED BALL BEARING”this technology used for Ball bearing. Performance can be maintained for a long period of time. From the initial rotation it has a smooth rotation because there is no water inside which can interfere with its functions. Waterproof packing and non-contact rotor body has indeed become possible.

ZAION Air Rotor

catalina_ZAION Air Rotor

"Air Rotor", with its new structure should be called "rotor revolution." Rotor durability is improved through its optimum rim structure and then the load is distributed. This led to a further enhancement. The feeling of revolution is in the realization of (4500 size) and up to about 35% weight reduction of more than 10% compared with conventional strength as a result, improved rotor balance.

ATD Automatic Drag System

catalina_Hyper Digit-Gear

ATD or Automatic Tournament Drag is a new introduction into the Daiwa spinning reels. The biggest issue with many drag systems is that they are not smooth at the beginning of the drag and do not adjust to suit line distance or a fish slowing down. ATD rectifies this issue. As an example ATD works like this, at the beginning of a strike the drag starts smoothly, then increase to its pre-set drag rating, as the fish swims further away and begins to slow down, line pressure increases thus increasing drag and line breakage is a high possibility. The ATD system recognizes this and automatically decreases the drag to compensate for the added pressure. As an example, if a drag is set at 7kg, at the beginning of the strike for a brief moment it will be 1kg then increases to 7kg, as the fish swims say to 250m (this equates to approx. 3kg of extra line drag, depending on line thickness) the drag will decrease to 4kg, thus avoiding line breakage.

Other Technologies

Hyper Digit-Gear

Drive gear, the heart of the spinning reel. By adopting the C6191 with 1.6 times the strength of duralumin, was slightly large diameter In addition, the material strength and durability of the gear is improved dramatically. Fundamentally rethink the shape of the tooth surface by computer analysis here, recipes that do not allow any errors in the micro "hyper digital gear" will join in was born. As a result of realizing the ideal meshing with the pinion, causing rotation performance was unthinkable in the past, also exhibited a very high performance wound up at the same time.

Tough airvail

"Airvail" made improve is greatly lightness by a hollow structure. The shape of the line slider own, significantly reduces the yarn around the veil further entanglement. "Tough airvail" is up about 4 times the strength of stainless steel to increase the thickness of the material, in the same weight has about 13 times the durability of the material from solid titanium. In addition, by eliminating the step between the lever arm portion, substantially eliminating the line trouble.

Super Metal body

By applying the ultra-precision machine technology cut their own super metal, precision achieves up about 4 times than original Sorutiga. Up even more rigid than conventional technologies evolve further, the micron-level fusion and assembled materials and processing methods were developed in the first Sorutiga. I was led to a new dimension of performance Shirukyi rotation.

Perfect double stopper

In addition to the normal stopper, equipped with a mechanical stopper. Promise of outstanding durability and comfort, you can continue to fish for in the reversal of an emergency stop.