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Fishing Line Winder - Daiichi SeikoRecycler DS

Fishing Line WindeYou can wind your reel in perfect condition with X5.5 High speed double handle and dye-cast clamp with 4 bearing.

You can use it for not only widing but also for re-winding line.
DS (doubles pool) makes it possible to set the 2 spools in 2 shafts!!

Flexible spool and Dehydration pack can be used for dissolve the salt of PE Line!

Price: US$ 200.00


Shipping & handling charge: US$35.00

Easy Winding & Re-winding with Double spool & Reel seats


Winding from Reel to attachement Spool for dissolve the salt


Widing new Line to Spinning reel
(Upside down the clamp for spinning reel)


Re-winding from Flexible spool to empty spool

You can keep strong tention with high durability drag

You can keep PE line in long life with Dissolve the salt function!

A .After finishing winding line to Flexible spool,,


B.Loosen the line with the inner spool expand and shrink.

C.Dissolve the salt in the warm water, it is easy to get rid off the salt as there is enough gap in the line.

D.Just dehydrated with centrifugal force by using Dehydration pack!

Strage Mesh Bag