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What is Saltiga reel ? Daiwa Saltiga fishing reel

When you go fishing you will need a great reel.
Saltiga is perfect for fishing.

Offshore fishing is high-demands on you. What makes you worry is that the reel you will use on fishing. New advances technology has made Saltiga.

Why saltiga is extremely perfect?

It is great because saltiga is among the best and amazing reels. Saltiga is expensive but it comes with high quality. Saltiga also has a new Air Rotor design featuring corrosion-proof ''Zaion'' carbon construction that helps reduce weight while offering maximum strength.

The fine diameter and strength of today’s braided super lines lets you pack a tremendous amount of fighting power into a compact reel. It also puts incredible strain on gear trains and drags designed for monofilament.

Saltiga conventional feature beefed up components within a super-rigid frame machined from solid bar stock aluminium, which is a very tough aluminum/bronze alloy named C6191.

Saltiga is powerful and can hold long last.

The designs and materials of saltiga

The Saltiga's design is among the cleanest most elegant. The Saltiga feels extremely solid and compact thanks to both the frame and side plates which were cut from solid aircraft-grade aluminum bar stock.

This is a reel that is designed to exhibit absolutely no flex regardless of how big your underwater adversary is.
The refinement of the Saltiga is impressive, every edge, corner, knob, and handle has been rounded through careful machining to make the reel extra ergonomic and easier to maintain.

The Saltiga ships with an easy to use multi-tool (screwdriver, handle wrench) that is used to both adjust the handle and remove the side plates.
The gears are cut in a 3D numerically controlled process creating what Daiwa calls "Digi gear".
Aside from its design and material used,

Why choose Saltiga?

Saltiga also features grease-impregnated graphite and stainless drag, seven ball and roller bearings, precision machined, aircraft-grade aluminium spool for maximum casting performance and strength Massive, machine-cut, high-strength alloy gears, Dual-system Infinite Anti-Reverse, Two-position Power Handle with massive, hand-fitting grip, Frame and side plates machined from solid, aircraft-grade bar stock aluminum, hard anodized to prevent corrosion, Fast retrieve pulls in almost a yard of line (35") with every handle turn.

It is also 100% waterproof because of the effective sealing throughout, and even with the magnetic oil flying everywhere, enough of it stays where it belongs sealing the pinion assembly effectively.
Better use Saltiga to easily catch fish. Saltiga is comfortable to use, smooth and powerful! Try it now!!

Use saltiga now!!